Workout playlist

Workout Playlist

Each workout playlist below features the best new gym music 2013. These playlists have the best workout songs and top artists to listen to at the gym while doing cardio, running, and working out. These playlists feature the best new songs from 2012 in genres such as rock, hip hop and rap, electronic, techno, house, dubstep, and metal. They are perfect for getting pumped up and fitness. I hope that you’re able to find some new music 2012 that you like from these work out playlists.

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top workout songs 2012

Best Rap Songs of 2012

Rock Workout Playlist

Electronic / Techno / House Workout Playlist

Running / Cardio Workout Playlist

Hip Hop / Rap Workout Playlist

Metal / Metalcore Workout Playlists

Pump up Workout Playlists

Dubstep Workout Playlists

Those are all of the workout playlist s for the gym. Follow this Workout Playlist link if you would like to listen our artist workout playlists and find even more songs to listen to during your workout at the gym.

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