Top Metal Workout Songs New Gym Playlist 2011 3

Top 10 Metal Workout Songs

Gym Work Out 2011 Playlist 3

In this top metal workout songs music playlist, you can find ten of the best metal workout songs for your gym work out playlist. Artists appearing in this music playlist include System of a Down, Disturbed, Metallica, and Slipknot. With their extended guitar solos and heavy riffs, these fast paced metal workout songs will definitely pump you up for your work out at the gym. In the music video below, you can listen to the best parts of these top 10 best new metal workout songs and music 2011.

1. Artist – Megadeth / Song – Holy Wars…The Punishment Due

2. Artist – System of a Down / Song – BYOB

If you like this top metal workout song, then I suggest that you check out their other metal songs “Toxicity,” “Aerials,” and “Chop Suey.”

3. Artist – Metallica / Song – Battery

Metallica is one of my top favorite metal bands to listen to at the gym. Their metal songs are great to workout to in the gym.

4. Artist – Rammstein / Song – Du Hast

“Du Hast” is my top favorite Rammstein song to listen to during a workout.

5. Artist – Five Finger Death Punch / Song – A New Level Cover

Here’s a great cover by Five Finger Death Bunch to listen to at the gym.

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