Top 100 Workout Songs

Top 100 Workout Songs

This workout playlist is filled with top 100 workout songs and music to listen to while exercising. I have hand selected 100 of my favorite songs for this playlist from every musical genre to ensure that there is a song that suits everybody’s musical tastes. Each workout playlist has good workout songs, and they will definitely pump up and get you ready for your workout or cardio at the gym. I hope that you enjoy listening to these songs and find new workout songs to add to your Ipod. If you like these songs, check out our other

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1. Song – Joker and the Thief / Artist – Wolfmother / Genre – Hard Rock

Wolfmother’s hard rock song “Joker and the Thief” is the first workout song on this playlist. The opening guitar riff and singing in this song are amazing. If this song doesn’t pump you up, then I honestly do not know what song will.

2. Song – Crazy Train / Artist – Ozzy Osbourne / Genre – Hard Rock

Crazy Train is the second featured good workout song on this list. “Crazy Train” is a great workout song to listen to at the gym because it has some really great solos, guitar riffs, and vocal work.

3. Song – Till I Collapse / Artist – Eminem / Genre – Hip Hop / Rap

Eminem’s hip hop song “Till I Collapse” is a really good song to listen to at the gym. The lyrics and beat in this rap make this song incredible.

4. Song – Master of Puppets / Artist – Metallica / Genre – Hard Rock / Metal

“Master of Puppets” is one of Metallica’s best songs to listen to during a workout along with “Enter Sandman” and “One.” The guitar solo in this song is really good.

5. Song – Lose Yourself / Artist – Eminem / Genre – Hip Hop / Rap

“Lose Yourself” is another classic hip hop song to listen to during your workout. This hip hop song definitely deserves to be near the top of this top 100 workout songs list. Top 100 pump up songs.

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